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The Project

The project tries to provide the citizens of the Euregion Meuse Rhine with basic understanding and knowledge of the impact their daily lives have on their surroundings and the environment. The impact doesn't stop at the border of the country; environmental issues, or the impact that is the result of these issues, whether from individual or collective source doesn't know any geographical borders.

It is important that individuals become more aware of the results of their actions for their surroundings. Only when this is realised, concrete actions can be developed to address the issues of today. In this context it is important to present the options that are available.

Project implementation

There are many ways in which the project targets can be achieved, though in this project the aim is to find a way to address all the citizens of the Euregion. Multiple initiatives will be developed, enabling the public to meet, learn and understand the options that are available. In order to attract both tourists from inside and outside the Euregion these initiatives will be designed in such a way that learning and awareness will be established in a pleasant way.

Within the outlines of this project Sustainable concepts are concepts in which matters of ecological, economical and social interests meet. This is valid for both present and future generations.

This includes the following concepts: sustainability and …
  • energy
  • energy saving
  • community and society
  • your body
  • water/water management
  • construction/infrastructure
  • waste reduction and processing
  • surroundings/environment
  • food/food production
  • mobility